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Sabine Spiesser Beading Profile: Sabine Spiesser
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  Sapphire Strands Bracelet
  Heart Bracelet
  Jasper Postcard Necklace 
  Teal Blooms Set
  Twilight-inspired Vial Necklace 
  Retro Garland Necklace
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  Christmas Rings
  Citrine & Agate Necklace
  Aztec Necklace
  Blue Wave Chain Necklace 
  Celebrity Copycat - Kate Hudson
  Sari Silk Beads 
  Oriental Fan Earrings
  Bohemian Choker Set 
  Sunflower Bracelet
  French Jet Beauty
 She Beads
 Great Barrier beauty
 Garden walk mosaic bracelet
 Wired sea beauty
 Lampwork project - Turquoise and amethyst wonder
 Rainbow days

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