Bead & Gem Competition – Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Bead & Gem Competition. The result we had was nothing short of overwhelming, with over 150 entries received all of high standard and quality.

The judges certainly had their work cut out for them. Each section was judged by a representative from Australian Beading magazine, the Bead & Gem Show, a sponsor and industry expert; and somehow, using this team of collaborative industry experience, we managed to whittle down each section into a finalist and runner up. So without further ado, please find following the winners of the 2008 Bead & Gem Competition:

 Handmade Glass Beads:
First Place: Nancy Tung, Nautilus
Runner Up: Carolyn Martin, Terra Australis

Finished Jewellery:
First Place: Betty Neve, Lady Of The RingsJardin da Fleur
Runner Up: Jennifer Yeo, Spring Blossoms

Polymer Clay:
First Place: Sera Pinwill, River Tears
Runner Up: Esme Parr, Japanese Wildflowers

Precious Metal Clay:
First Place: Pearl Moon, Guardian AngelThe Tale of Davet Jones
Runner Up: Julie Bijoux, Bijoux Bracelet

Seed Beads:
First Place: Lauren MacGregor, Pyrolatria
Runner Up: Josephine Berger, Jardin de Fleur

First Place: Caroline Fung, The Tale Of Davey Jones Lockergreenpeace
Runner Up: Jo Fraser, Greenpeace

This was our first year running the competition and after getting through a few initial hiccups
we think everything went smoothly. We would like to once again thank our fabulous sponsors Empire Beads, Kalash, Over The Rainbow, Peter Minson Art Glass and the PMC Guild for helping to make this
competition such a success.




lady of the rings

River Tears

Japanese Wildflowers

The guardian
Southern Cross Glass
Empire Beading

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