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Handiquilter Quilting Machines
Handiquilter Quilting Machines


  1. There are 40 fully trained and certified Handi Quilter Dealers across Australia
  2. HQ machines are upgradable
  3. Easy user maintenance – only one oiling point
  4. Motor and belts are all located on the inside for user protection
  5. All machines must past HQ’s 7 point quality control testing before being released to customers
  6. Quilt with your favourite thread. Handi Quilter quilting machines work with all types of threads
  7. Products available in Australia are: HQ 18 Avante, Studio Frame and HQ Sweet Sixteen sit-down models
  8. HQ 18 Avante has an 18” longarm throat with 15” quilting space
  9. HQ Sweet Sixteen is a full 16”throat and provide 3 times the quilting space of domestic sewing machines
  10. Engineers work with quilters to meet their needs and desires with integrated technology and the highest technology


Laurel Barrus is the founder of Handi Quilter and through a need for a ‘portable’ quilting frame for her holiday home, she produced a prototype and took it to the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2000. By the end of 2001 the company had turned from a direct sales / internet business, to a manufacturer and wholesale business turning over in excess of 2 million dollars.

Laurel recognised the potential of the home machine quilting market if a quality product could be offered at an affordable price and suit the home environment. In late 2002/03 she invested in the design and production of an entirely new range of products – the HQ Sixteen and adjustable frames to support it.

She established the manufacturing infrastructure and created a new distribution network that could sell and service the machines.

The Handi Quilter company currently sells more quilting machines than any other machine quilting manufacturer in the world.

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